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To Those who drive while Intoxicated:

Take a good look at the Crash Car Graphic, that is how Douglas and many other's have meant their death.  And probably many more if people such as yourself don't quit drinking and driving.  The next family suffering could very well be yours.  Is that how you want to die?  Going head into someone and causing the vechile's to go air born and crash into the side of a building.  
I'm asking for a few minutes of your time, and hopefully by time you read this page and go on to the next you'll think before getting behind the wheel again drunk.  Many people this year will die because someone chosed to drive drunk.  And who's fault is it?  It ain't the police officer's who arrest you, it is your fault noone put that beer in your hands, no one told you to go out and drive.  
Douglas can't see his children grow up, his daughter will never have her father their at her wedding day, his son will never have him there for his game, or to play football with.  Thing's that father and a son does.  His two children Jimmy and Amanda will never have their father in their lives.  And why I ask you, the reason is because one morning a man didn't stop and think before driving drunk.  Because of someone's reckless actions that caused their father's death.
You'll probably thinking that this could not happen to you, think again neither did a lot of other families think this could happen to them but it did and now they are left with a world of sorrow and grief because you the drunk driver stole something from them a loved one a friend.
I want you to look at picture's of your loved one's and imagine how hurt you would feel if something was to happen to them because a person drive while Intoxicated.  Does it hurt you to think of it?  Can you feel how half a dozen American families feel.  Stop and think how it feels to see your son one morning and then three hours later finding out he is dead.  Think how it would feel to go see your son and the funeral home and look down upon him in that casket and see not your son, but a broken, bruised body of what used to be your son.  
Yes, it is your right to kick back and relax for the night, a lot of other's likes to sit and relax over a nice beer or a glass of wine.  BUT they don't go out and drive.  Some are in the comfort of their own home, some have a driver with them that has not been drinking to ensure that they have a safe trip home.   
I'm not putting you down as a person, I'm simply putting down your reckless actions.  
There is no way I can make you stop but I pray that you do.  And once you get caught and standing in front of the judge remember the only one to blame is you.  You could have said I'll not drink and drive, or you could have called that friend who would came and pick you up, or that cab company.  
Douglas W Blevins, and a host of other's didn't have a choice you the drunk driver make that for them, when you got behind the wheel after drinking.  It is a shame what this world is turning into the road's are not even safe for America's children.  If your not part of the solution then you are part of the problem, which are you?  I pray that it is part of the solution.  
The next time you go to get behind of the wheel think of this man right here that while never be a part of his children's lives that was stolen.