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Statement From Darleen R Blevins

Hi, when I was young I was told that I would never be able to have
any children of my own.  That ripped my heart out to think I would
never feel the joy of holding my own child in my arms.  Something
that I always wanted to be in life was a mother.  A few months
went by and I meet the man of my dreams, I latered married him
his name was Harrice.  A few months in our marriage I found out
that I was 5 months pregent with our first child Debbie.  She was
a beautiful dark haired little girl, she was just so beautiful that it was
hard for us to believe she was really ours.  Then came more joy in
our lives as we had 4 more children after that.  Douglas, Sherie,
Laurie, and Michael.  Our family now was complete, we had 3 girls
and 2 handsome boys.  

We were filled with joy as we watched them grow into beautiful
adults.  We were the typical family of seven, we did everything
together we were a very happy family.  But our family soon
discovered hardship, and grief.  June 24 of 1988 our son Douglas
was killed by a drunk driver.  I thought to myself how could this be
after all earlier that same day he was smiling and happy has he
headed to work I never thought that would be the last I would ever
see him on earth again.

The man who killed my son and ripped our lives apart was only
given 3 year for killing my son and another person that was in the
car with him (the drunk driver).  

A mother's worse nightmare is to outlive a child, shortly after my
son's death, I feel into a state of depression.  It overcame me to the
point where I couldn't go on living any longer.  I tried to comment
suicide, a state that not even my other children nor my husband
could help me out of off.  I wanted to be with my son Douglas.  

I soon found comfort in various programs, MADD and the victim
impact panel.  It helped talking about how I felt and sharing my
story for all to hear.  I don't wish this pain on any family out there
it cut's life a knife, it rips your heart out.  

I was blessed with 28 year's with my son Douglas, year's I'll always
treasure and hold dear to my heart, but it didn't have to be this
way, if the man who choosed to drive drunk never did my son would
be alive today and with his family, and his 2 beautiful children.  

You have a choice, my family, Douglas, or the Baker family had a
choice.  Douglas Blevins, Rick Baker killed by someone's reckless
actions.  Please think before driving drunk, save a family grief and


Darleen R. Blevins