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June 24 1988

Douglas Blevins, SR had awaken his mother (Darleen Blevins) for the keys to the car
so he can leave for work.  After a little while of looking for the key's she found them in
the bottom of her purse.  She handed them to Douglas and she said "See you later"
Douglas said "Thanks, See you after work.  As he turned to leave he looked back and
told his mother that he loved her and that he would see her later.  

Little did Darleen know that the moment with Douglas would be the last one she will
ever have.  Douglas headed to work, as he approached a stop light a car driving at a high
speed hit him head on.  Both car's went air-born crashing into the side of a nearby
building.  Douglas was killed instantly, crushing every bone in his body, only thing left
in tact was his heart the same heart that cared for so many people.  

The passenger in the car with the drunk driver was killed instantly has well.  As for the
drunk driver himself he lived suffering only minor injuries....

The family of Douglas Blevins heard of the accident when a relative had called and
asked was "Douglas in an accident" Darleen didn't know anything of the time.  So after
the conversation was finished she called the police to find out then the hospital.  Darleen
and Harrice left to the hospital hoping that Douglas would be okay.  

When they got there to the hospital they learned that their son Douglas was dead,
killed instantly.  Their next step was to call their other children.  The last one that arrived
was Douglas's sister Laurie.  Laurie was expecting her first child and Darleen and Harrice
worried about the effect that learning of her brother's death would have on her.  

June 241988 was the day that someone ripped a away someone's son, brother, and father
a day the world lost a good man and a dear friend.  

And for the drunk driver he got three year's for killing two men.  And today, still driving
still being reckless, uncaring, and disrespectful to the life of other's on the road with him.  

For the Blevins family a life without an important part of them, Douglas.

Douglas's children who was three year's old and 11 month's a life of not knowing their
father and having him in their lives.  

For Douglas, a lifetime in a grave.........

These picture's are what happens when friend's let friend's drive drunk.  

Be a friend and don't let a friend drive drunk.  
The next time your family could be the one suffering.  

Stop drunk driving!